Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch therapeutic technique that can help to catalyze the soul’s full range of motion through the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of embodiment. The circulation of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body can become compromised by injury and trauma. Using calm, gentle contact with a heightened awareness of relational safety and respect, this work enables restoration of the cerebrospinal fluid’s circulation, the result of which is a balanced and fluid nervous system that can better manage incurred trauma and any further stressors of life.

75 min session- $100


Biofield tuning

Informed by the Electric Universe Theory, sound researcher Eileen Day Mckusic helped develop a method that uses a map of areas known to accumulate what could be called “noise” in the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body.

    Biofield tuning is the sound therapy method which uses tuning forks both on the body and in it’s surrounding area. The practitioner ‘combs through’ the biofield which holds the body’s history (and the mind’s memory) from edge to center and back, harmonizing areas of perturbation or dissonance using clear tones and vibrations. By entrainment, the forks help isolate ‘the signal from the noise” in the biofield. The method improves the signal to noise ratio of the body’s electromagnetic system, resulting in a clear and restored state.

Emotions such as fear, sadness, depression, anger, alarm and anxiety all produce different sounds and signals - all of which can be tuned! Recipients report feeling lighter, energized,  with an increased sense of self awareness.

75 min session- $65